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About Us

mike-kelli.jpgValley Pecans is owned and operated by Mike and Kelli Baustert. We live in the middle of one of our pecan orchards. Valley Pecans started rather humbly in 1998. That year we bought a farm that included a pecan orchard. We harvested that first crop and then wondered what now? So, we put the pecans in red mesh bags and sold them out of a pickup on Highway 287 in Chillicothe. Know what? People bought them. When we sold out, that was it for that year.

But the seed was planted. One thing Kelli knew for sure was that if she was going to sell pecans there was no deal without a building and a bathroom. So, guess what, we built one. We built our red building in 1999 and for a couple of years only sold pecans and closed when we sold out. That was just fine as our twin daughters, Carter and Carli were just babies and that gave us downtime.

Well, if you ever have been to our store you will notice that Kelli has a real talent for decorating and finding unique gift and food items. She started carrying some other items and then we knew that being open seasonally was not going to work. We are now open all but about 6 days out of the year and carry a really eclectic blend of stuff. Our “Dang Good Candy” is a customer favorite and we have books, gifts, home décor, cute Texas stuff, and great seasonal and holiday selections.

A few years ago we built a new building to add more retail area as well as a bakery and warehouse. We are also continually adding to our pecan orchards. Our newest planting about 4 miles from the store has about 2400 trees. Mike’s passion is the pecan orchards. Growing quality pecans is a never ending learning process. One thing is for certain, the uncertainty of North Texas weather. To grow pecans you must take the weather you are dealt and adjust. Great soil, water and Texas sunshine and love are what make our pecans so delicious.

That’s our story in a ‘pecan’ shell! We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon!

Mike & Kelli